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Hello, I'm Ferryn, and I am a Prison Break addict.


Oh, look, I've written fic! If I ever write anything new, hopefully I will remember to link it here. Here's all my old stuff:

Questions - PG-13 T-Bag/Maytag
Jason knows what happens when he talks out of turn.

Perfection - PG-13 Vampire!AU Sucre, Sara
After an attack, Sucre becomes a new man, and he wants to show Dr. Tancredi that he's just fine.

Impulsive - NC-17 Michael/Sucre, Michael/T-Bag, one-sided Michael/Lincoln
Some of the escapees are hiding out in the anonymity of the desert, where boredom soon claims them all. Michael's impulses take over as his TV reception fades.

Absent Secrets - PG-13 Michael/LJ
LJ writes a letter to Michael in prison.

Dirty Little Secret - NC-17 Sucre/LJ
Being on the run was a lonely affair, until LJ started sleepwalking.

Dirtier Little Secret (sequel to Dirty Little Secret) - NC-17 Sucre/LJ
It had been three nights. Sucre had hoped LJ’s sleepwalking would end after the first encounter with the locked door. But no, nothing was ever easy.

The Following Events... - PG/PG-13 PB/24 Crossover Michael, Lincoln, T-Bag, C-Note, Sucre, Abruzzi, Jack Bauer, Chloe O'Brian, Curtis Manning
If only LJ had been there to tell them that cell phones are bad news when you're wanted by the government.

Phone Call - PG-13 Michael/Lincoln
Michael is trying to live a normal life, but oh, what a difference a phone call makes.

Comfortably Numb - R Michael/T-Bag
Michael reflects on the reasons and events that got him in his present position.

Irrevocably Damaged (sequel to Comfortably Numb) - R/NC-17 Michael/T-Bag
Michael is a different man now. Spending time with T-Bag has changed him.

Finding Michael: Osmosis - R/NC-17 Mahone/Sucre, Michael/Sucre, one-sided Mahone/Michael
Mahone finds what could be his only chance to get close to Michael.

A Series of Unfortunate Events - PG-13 Crack!fic Michael, Lincoln, Veronica, Sara, T-Bag, Bellick, C-Note, Abruzzi, LJ, Sucre, Maricruz
Michael just wants to play Twister, but his gut gets in the way. Lincoln just wants to get into Sara's pants, but Veronica ruins it all. Bellick just wants some nookie, but he'll have to settle for fries and shakes.

Good Therapy - PG-13 Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note
Michael makes Lincoln write an essay. Lincoln isn't too thrilled.

Separation Anxiety - PG/PG-13 Michael/Sucre
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

As Seen On TV - PG-13 Michael, Lincoln, Sucre
Michael sees something on TV he must have.

As Seen On TV, Part 2: Who's the Biggest Whore? NC-17 Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
Michael saw something on TV he must have, so he sets out to get it. Lincoln and Sucre come along for the ride and end up seeing something they want as well.

As Seen On TV, Part 2's Alternate Ending: DENIED!! - PG-13 Michael, Lincoln, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
Michael saw something on TV he must have, so he sets out with Lincoln to get it, but things don't go as planned.

**NEW** Mistletoe - PG-13 Michael/T-Bag
T-Bag is feeling festive and Michael plays hard to get.


I also have stick figure PB comics. Yes, stick figures. Because I suck at drawing people. Plus, it was so much quicker. :)

Prison Fake, episode 1

Prison Fake, episode 2

Prison Fake, episode 3

Prison Fake, episode 4

And you know what's cool? alazysod made icons out of them! You can find those here.

And I made this icon of episode 4:


I also made these season 3 icons:

Michael/Mahone -

Michael/Whistler - |

Whistler -

Want to use them? Go ahead.

*All pictures used in these icons were obtained from PrisonBreak-Online.


There are also a few crazy PB-related drawings and manips in this post full of stuff I've made (not dial-up friendly).


That was pretty much the extent of my contributions to the PB fandom. But I've got a Wish List (with awesome comment porn from certainthings) from way back, and I also posted my WIP List.


This concludes my tour.

Oh, except... the two banner-like graphics on this post are up for grabs, if you like them at all. I made them and don't care about commenting or crediting, since they're not all that great. Graphics are not my specialty.


Beware the Blake Lewis

Damn him for getting under my skin.

But I can't believe how small this world is. Of course, the music world is probably a little smaller than the "real" world, but it's still amazing to find out that Blake is a friend of BT's. BT is a phenomenal producer, and he's done film scoring. BT also has albums of his own, and I've got most of them.

From an MTV interview:

MTV: If you had any dream collaborator in the studio, who would you pick?

Blake Lewis: B.T. He's my favorite producer pretty much ever. I've been talking to him. He hasn't seen "American Idol," but I opened for him a long time ago and he wanted to work a long time ago. And now we have the opportunity to maybe get together and work. It's not official, but I talked to him for a couple hours about it. ... There's so many amazing producers out there that are more underground. I like DJ Shadow, I love Dan the Automator. Will.I.Am is an amazing producer, and he lives in that realm of hip-hop, dance and pop. ... I'd love to work with anyone that would really want to work with me. I'd love to work with Danger Mouse and Gnarls Barkley and Cee-Lo. Robin Thicke ... The possibilities are endless. I'm putting it out there. If you want to do something, call me!
(entire interview here)

I love that! That interview was from May of this year, and now I've got Blake's CD and BT mixed and produced one of the tracks on it - "She's Makin' Me Lose It."

You know what's cool about that? Blake said he once opened for BT a long time ago. Chuck told me he saw that show. He remembers seeing BT a while back and Blake was there beatboxing. Fuckin' sweet! I'm jealous.

And Blake even mentioned DJ Shadow! Shadow's worked with James Lavelle, whom I also love. James is pretty much U.N.K.L.E., a favorite of mine. The new U.N.K.L.E. album, War Stories, blows me away.

But I digress.

I used to frequent a BT message board years ago, and that's actually how I met Chuck. But anywho, I had a huge crush on BT (real name: Brian Transeau). He's a good-lookin' guy (and can sing!). And Blake seems to have some of his style.

Look at this picture of Blake:

And these are the only two pictures I have left of BT on my computer:

Blake reminds me of BT. Oh, and that second picture includes BT's daughter, Kaia. That picture is a few years old now. Well, and the other one's even older.

I'm not well-versed in electronic music, but I've gotten into a few things, and BT was one of those things. Regrettably, I don't think about him much anymore, but he's always got a special place in my heart. I have no idea what he's been up to lately, and now I'm curious.

But I'm pretty sure no one finds any of this interesting except me. All of my fellow BT followers who have a LiveJournal don't seem to be around anymore. None of them have posted or commented in a long time.

But for those who love the slash and find either Blake Lewis or his fellow Idol finalist Chris Richardson cute, I leave you with this picture:


Dammit, Blake! This is all leading to me getting an icon of you soon. Obsession is bad for me.

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Beware the movie quotes

Chuck's been gone for a couple days now. He left on Sunday. His visits are never long enough, as we were having tons of fun!

We watched Super Troopers one day, and for the rest of his trip we quoted the movie. "Mother of God." "You boys like Mexico?" "Littering and... littering and... littering and smokin' the reefer." "The snozzberries taste like snozzberries." "I'm freakin' out, man." "You are freakin' out... man." "Who wants a mustache ride?" See? It gets tiresome, don't it? But not for us!

Also, after watching that movie, we were prompted to make the best purchase of our lives. We went to Wal-Mart and picked up matching pairs of State Trooper glasses. They're really reflective sunglasses and they look awesome. Seriously, if you needed a mirror, you could use the outside of these sunglasses.

The day before Chuck left, we watched Army of Darkness. And then, in addition to endlessly quoting Super Troopers, we quoted Ash from Army of Darkness. "See how that works?" "Hail to the king, baby." "First you wanna kill me, then you wanna kiss me. Blow." There are more, but they're harder to type out. One requires a noise that I can't spell.

Chuck and I saw I Am Legend together. Oh, and Dad came with. It was pretty cool. I wish the zombie guys weren't CG, but oh well. It's especially cool in the beginning. I love the first half of the movie the best. Will Smith is phenomenal. I love him.

I bought Hairspray. That made Chuck sad, so I waited until he was gone to watch it. I've seen Hairspray! Whoooo! And I liked it. And I basked in the gloriousness that is Zac Efron. There, I said it. But he's just so pretty! I kinda wanna watch him lick his hand again and run it over his hair.

I also bought something that made Chuck even more sad. I bought Blake Lewis's CD. Saw it at Wal-Mart and had to give it a shot. Upon first listen I had decided that he sucked. I labeled his music as cheesy, overproduced, teenybopper pop/hip hoppy crap. And so, I listened to it for a second and a third time. Had to give him another chance. And now I find myself liking it. I said to Chuck, "Oh, this is horrible." He was like, "What?" I said, "I listened to Blake Lewis again and now I find myself liking him." Chuck said, "Well, stop it!" But I can't. :( Trust me, the lyrics are seriously awful, but I just find it all so catchy now. I have been brainwashed!

Also? The PBFE will be the death of me. Again.
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Random links and such

This is so cool! This guy took a picture of himself every day for eight years and then put them together in a video. Watch him change! (Er, not his clothes, his face and hair.)

Here's a game I had been shown about three years ago, and then I forgot about it until haloisbent emailed it to me one day - Fly the Copter! It's such a simple game, but it's addictive. I still have a picture saved on my computer of my high score on this game - Distance: 1980. It shouldn't be too hard to pass that up, but I haven't been able to do it yet. Got 1938 once and got angry and quit. :P

I was wading through old entries of mine and came across something Prison Break-related that I had posted before. I forgot just how funny it was and am glad to see the link still works. Prison, yo. Click on "Launch 'Prison, yo.'" It's a parody of sorts on PB's pilot episode.

Another game I used to play years ago: Paper Toss. I don't remember my old best score from back then (didn't Print Screen that one), but I want to say 26. Not much, really. I just now played it and my best score after about twenty games is only 11.

White Ninja Comics are really weird but usually quite funny. This one still reigns as my favorite: White Ninja is Batman.

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I heart my car + another trip to Dreamland

Yay, my car is at home again! Oh, how I've missed it. It's got a brand-spankin'-new radiator. And I'm $250 poorer. But hey, they also put on new wiper blades. Thank God. My old ones were worthless.

*hugs car in her mind* What? I ain't goin' out there in the freezing cold and snow to hug a hunk of metal! Who do you think I am? haloisbent? :P (inside joke, peoples)

Here's an awesome dream I had:

I was at my house with a friend (a dream friend, some girl I don't recognize in real life), and we were just sitting at the table in the living room. There was a lady (another dream person) over visiting. My friend and I didn't really know who she was, but she seemed nice enough because she brought us cookies. She set down a package of Oreos on the table and told us to help ourselves; then she went back into the kitchen. My friend dug in right away, but I didn't touch them because I'm not a big Oreo fan.

The lady came back out a little later and asked me how I was feeling. There was this distinct sound of... oh, let's call it EVIL in her voice, like she was hoping I wasn't feeling fine. I just shrugged and said, "I'm alright." But I looked at my friend and saw she had slumped over the table, seemingly asleep. The lady cackled like a witch and told me I'd be dead soon because she had poisoned the Oreos, but I stood up and said to her, "Nothing's going to happen to me. I didn't even eat the Oreos!"

She looked angry and lunged at me with a syringe. The liquid inside was red, but I had no idea what it was and became immediately frightened for my life. I ran around the table and the crazy lady chased me with the needle. She was gaining on me so I stopped and spun around, hoping to catch her wrist before she could stab me. Unfortunately, my thumb ended up landing right on the needle as I reached out to grab her. I yelped at the pain and was scared of what was being pumped into my system.

I asked her, "What was that?"

The crazy lady was looking at me maniacally and shouted, "HAHA!! Now you have heart disease!"

I was horrified and grabbed the syringe from her. I stabbed her in the shoulder with it and said, "So do you!" And she screamed and crumpled to the floor.

And that's pretty much when I woke up. But I immediately remembered it when I woke up, and it just cracks me up. Heart disease? From an injection? Would that even be possible? Isn't that something you develop over years?


This is just a dream. This is just a dream. This is just a dream.

Ah, sleep. I only marginally reject it now. It brings me dreams.

Although, the first dream wasn't necessarily pleasant, but it wasn't necessarily unpleasant either. It's hard to put into words the way I felt in the dream.

Basically, Sucre (from Prison Break) was a real person, though he was really just Amaury Nolasco with Sucre's name. And he died. I was living in a strange land where everyone resided in woodsy cabins and there were tall pines everywhere. Doesn't sound that far off from how I really do live, but it was different. And I had more neighbors. And the high school was nearby, though in real life I live about eight miles from the high school.

Anyway, I was outside the school (doing what, I don't know), and I thought about walking home (a whole hundred feet away, through some trees), but then I got a report that Fernando Sucre had just died that day. I don't even know how I got the report. Loudspeaker? News? I was alone outside and suddenly I just knew. And then the schoolyard started filling with people. And I guess I felt sad, but it wasn't a deep sadness. I think I felt more quietly surprised about the news, maybe just stunned. And suddenly I wanted to know everything about Sucre, because I think I felt bad about not knowing the true him.

And just like that, a stack of boxes fell on the ground. From where? I don't know, but they were there, right in front of me. And in the boxes was paper upon paper, and they were all connected with the perforated edges. You know, those long stacks of paper folded accordian-style that you can just tear off, and they've got the perforated hole-punched strips of paper attached all down the sides too. Computer paper. That's what was in each box. And on the papers were several names of celebrities who had died, and below each name was a short write-up of their life. The first box I looked in, I rummaged through it, pulling out accordians of paper. I even saw some of the names, but the only one I remember was Celine Dion. And then I finally got to Sucre. It said "Fernando J. Sucre." Yeah, my subconscious gave him a middle initial. And I read about him, but I can't remember a single thing it said. I hate that. But whatever it said, it made me smile and suddenly I felt a little better, like I could properly honor his memory.

I put the papers back, closed the box, and walked home. I looked behind me as I walked away and saw lots of people crowding around the box and could hear some of them saying Sucre's name, so I knew they had just heard too and wanted to read about him also. That made me smile too, because others cared.

I woke up unsure how to feel about that one, but then I went back to sleep - and had another dream.

I was standing in my living room playing a Mario Bros. game. My kitty, Bugsie (see icon), was asleep on the couch next to me. Suddenly, without a single thought as to why, the room was flooded with swamp water and I was standing on a log. The water only reached the level of the couch cushions.

I continued to play my game, until I noticed something in the water. A large green snake was swimming around the log. It looked scary and possibly dangerous. I got a little freaked out and dropped the game controller. I was hopping around on the log, afraid the snake would try to rise out of the water and bite one of my legs. I watched as it instead left the water and slithered onto the couch. It began to wrap itself around Bugsie, trying to squeeze the life out of her!

I cried out and leaped from the log onto the couch. I waited until I could see its head and then dared to quickly reach out and grab it by the neck, just below its jaw, so that it wouldn't be able to twist its head around and bite my hand. Its mouth was open and it had a nasty set of fangs. I held on tightly to its neck and grabbed its tail end with my other hand, unwrapping Bugsie and setting her free. Luckily, she was okay. I ran with the snake to the door and threw it outside.

My family started coming home right then, and I relayed to them all the story of what had just happened. I was so proud of myself for catching the deadly snake and saving the cat. I felt like Steve Irwin.

And then I woke up again.

Ah, sleep.