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The Cat Palace - A Fluffy Paradise

Your cats may visit, but I'm afraid I won't be able to let them leave.

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Ferryn - you know, that weird chick
12 May 1985
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About Ferryn, Friend to the Four-Legged Furballs

I'm Ferryn and I like to write. Beware of excessively long journal entries. Oh, and I love cats. A lot. So no cat-bashing around me.

I work at a casino in the vault. Weee, money all over the place! But none of it is mine. That's okay, it's pretty much like Monopoly money to me now.

I am 25 years old and live with my parents - again. I got out for a year, but home sucked me back in. Oh well. I'm perfectly content. I'm probably even a mama's girl, but you know what? I don't care. Because my mom's cool, dammit! Don't ever say otherwise! Same goes for my dad.

Oh, and I'm pretty dorky and strange. My favorite things include office supplies, rubber duckies, flamingos (plastic or otherwise), and shoes. I also love pirates and vampires. In fact, I once was a vampire pirate (vampirate!) for Halloween.

Current TV obsessions:

Supernatural, Torchwood, House, 24, Dexter, Burn Notice, and Psych. Old favorites include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Jericho, and Prison Break.

Want to check out my Prison Break fics? They're all found HERE. I'm a slasher for the most part, but there's some gen as well. There are other PB-related things to check out, too. Have fun!

by char_cohen

by dnyght_graphix

by herm_weasley

My lovely House/Cameron mood theme was made by crackified, whom I found at mood_mania.
24, acting, adam baldwin, alexander mahone, alternative rock, amaury nolasco, american idol, animals, art, batman, beetlejuice, being lazy, being weird, bruce campbell, btvs, burn notice, captain jack harkness, cats, cereal, chris daughtry, chris farley, chris parnell, classic rock, classical music, comedy, computers, conan o'brien, concerts, dancing, depeche mode, dexter, dorks, dragonflies, drawing, dreams, elliott yamin, elvis presley, english, eric bana, family guy, fanfiction, fernando sucre, firefly, flamingos, foo fighters, food, greg kinnear, gta, halo, harry nilsson, house, hugh laurie, james bond, james marsters, jared padalecki, jericho, john barrowman, josh homme, labyrinth, making lists, mario bros, mark ruffalo, men, michael c hall, michael scofield, michael t weiss, movies, muffins, music, nature, nicolas cage, nin, office supplies, paul adelstein, paul kellerman, peter stormare, pirates, poetry, pointlessness, prison break, procrastination, psych, qotsa, radiohead, randomness, ray liotta, reading, richard cheese, robert downey jr, robert knepper, roy orbison, rubber duckies, safety pins, shoes, singing, skeet ulrich, slash, smashing pumpkins, smoothies, sonic the hedgehog, spaghetti, spider-man, spike, spongebob squarepants, squirrels, star trek, steve carell, stone temple pilots, sublime, the beach boys, the beatles, the offspring, the simpsons, tommy boy, tony danza, torchwood, travel, unkle, vampires, video games, weezer, weird al, wentworth miller, william fichtner, writing, zelda

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